Bhojeshwar Temple, Bhojpur

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Bhojeshwar Temple is a magnificent structure even with its incomplete status. The temple dedicated to Lord Siva holds one of the largest Shivlingams in India. Carved out of a single rock, the lingam in the sanctum is of a breathtaking 7.5 feet tall and 17.8 feet circumference.

With the Shivlingam in its enormous and intricate alignment, the temple prides its position as ‘Somnath of the East’. Bhojeshwar Temple being an unparalleled example of temple architecture from the 11th to 13th centuries, it would have been a one of its kind wonder of ancient India if completed.

The temple’s opulently carved dome and stone structures, intricately crafted doorway and the exquisitely sculpted figures on both the sides of the doorways humbles the onlooker. The balconies of the temple are supported with huge brackets and pillars. The outer walls and the superstructure of the temple were never built. The old earthen ramp used to raise the temple to the dome level is still visible, giving us a taste of ancient intelligence in masonry.


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