Alakhnath Temple, Bareilly

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Devotees of Shiva are spread over several faiths, orders, sects or akharas. Members of the akharas are generally known as babas. These akharas are generally found in Northern India. There are four such akharas in Bareilly. One of these is called Naga Sanyasis of the Anand order. This akhara serves as the headquarters of the Naga sadhus. They have built a temple devoted to God Shiva, also called Alakhnath, in its premises. The name of the temple is Alakhnath temple.

Besides the main temple, there are several other temples as well in the premises. These are dedicated to other gods, goddesses and deities. There are several buildings around the temple where the sanyasis or the babas live.

Alakhnath temple attracts huge numbers of devotees on a daily basis. If you visit the temple you may find goats and cows lodged in a part of the compound. There is also a camel.

The sadhus or the babas accept offerings from the devotees and smear holy ash on their forehead as a mark of blessings.

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