Dargah e Ala-Hazrat, Bareilly

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One shrine that has earned the city of Bareilly an international fame is Dargah e’ Ala-Hazrat. Located in the narrow lanes of mohalla Saudagran in the city, the shrine was constructed in reverence to a Muslim saint and scholar, Alahazrat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan.

Born on 14th June, 1856 the great scholar was given the reverential title of Ala Hazrt-the great wise man- because he was a personification of knowledge and a bright star of the literary world. He was an authority on Muslim religion. He created an Islamic centre of knowledge at this place, and it became a centre of pilgrimage for people around the world. They came in large numbers to study his monumental literary creations in Urdu, Arabic and Persian.

One of the finest books written by the great scholar is Fatawa Radhvia. It comprises over 12000 pages in 12 volumes. It provides authoritative solutions to thousands of religious and secular problems faced by the Muslims in day-to-day life.

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