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Pyramid Valley has the world's largest Meditational pyramid, is an international center helping people and organization in the quest for self realization. Located far from the capital city, in Kanakapura Taluk of Ramanagar district of Karnataka, it was founded by Brahmarshi Panditji in the year 2003. This place is only accessible by cars, buses or bikes. The centre is originally known as Maitreya-Buddha Viswalayam which came to be known as Pyramid Valley. The centre is run by The Pyramid spiritual trust based in India from where it got its alias.

The objectives of the centre are to spread the role of science of meditation, to serve as a centre of meditation and also to serve as the core of Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement. Here is a place you won't find anybody asking for donations or to sell you something, but the awesomeness lies on the emphasis on meditation and peacefulness. Such is the cleanliness and environment maintained here. No distractions and you have the complete built up around you silent to observe your breath which is the real 'mantra' of meditation.

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