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Bull Temple or Dodd Basavana Gudi is located in N.R Colony, Basavanagudi in South Bangalore. Here the main deity is Hindu demi-God Nandi. Hindu mythology has it that Nandi is the close devotee and vehicle of Shiva. This temple, the largest of this deity in the world was built in 1537 by the local ruler of Vijayanagara Empire, Kempe Gowda. The idol of Nandi 15ft tall and 20 ft long is carved out of a single block of granite.

The Bull temple is built in Dravidian style and it is believed that the river Viswabharathi originated from the idol's feet. According to the legend, this temple was built to pacify a bull which went on grazing through the groundnut farm to the place where the temple is now situated. As a remembrance of this story, Kadalekayi Parishe (Groundnut fair) is still held near the temple during the months of November – December when the groundnut is harvested and this is the apt time to visit the Bull temple.

Dodda Ganesha Temple is located near the bull temple. Basavana Gudi is not at all a place hard to find for visitors. There are plenty of state transport services and tourist services from Bangalore.

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