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Ashtavinayak Attractions - Tourist Places To Visit In Ashtavinayak

  • 01Siddhivinayak (Siddhatek)

    The Siddhivinayak Temple is based in the village of Siddhatek. It is one of the eight main temples of Ashtavinayak. The idol of Siddhivinayak at Siddhatek is around 3 ft tall, and unlike other Ganpatis, his trunk is turned towards the right. His face appears as calm and peaceful.

    The circumnavigation around the temple – known as the Pradakshana – is firmly believed in by the pilgrims. The temple of Siddhatek is located on the river bank of Bhima. The temple is about 15 ft high and was constructed by Ahilyabai Holkar.

    It is believed that Lord Vishnu received a boon from Lord Ganesh on the land of Siddhatek due to which he killed two demons and thereby achieved Siddhi.

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  • 02Mayureshwar Temple (Morgaon)

    Mayureshwar Temple (Morgaon)

    The Mayureshwar Temple is set in the Morgaon Village. It is one of the eight main temples of Ashtavinayak. The village of Morgaon is named after peacocks as there was a point in time when the village used to brim with peacocks.

    It is located on river Karha’s banks, belonging to the district of Pune. The idol of Mayureshwar, though originally small in size, seems bigger currently owing to decades after decades of applying vermillion to it. It is said that Lord Brahma sanctified the idol twice so that it turned indestructible.

    Legend has it that Lord Brahma predicted the incarnation of Lord Ganpati in all the Yugs – with Mayureshwar being his incarnate in the Treta Yug. All these incarnates of Ganpati saw him killing the demons of those particular Yugs. It is said that Ganpati is called Mayureshwar as he decided to stay in Moreshwar and rode a peacock.

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  • 03Girijatmak (Lenyadri)

    Girijatmak (Lenyadri)

    The Girijatmak Temple is based in Lenyadri. It figures as one of the principal temples of the pilgrim of Ashtavinayak. What is interesting about this temple is that it is set at a really great height, in a cave temple. Pilgrims and ardent worshippers walk the 300 odd steps to reach the top of the temple.

    The idol of Girijatmak is carved out of the caves. Only one eye of the idol of Ganpati is visible. The temple itself is set in the eighth cave of the eighteen caves located in the mountains. The temple is entirely carved out of just one stone and faces southwards.

    Legend has it that Lord Ganpati spent 15 years residing in the Lenyadri Caves after Goddess Parvati underwent a severe penance to have Ganpati as her child.

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  • 04Vigneshwar (Ozhar)

    Vigneshwar (Ozhar)

    The Vigneshwar Temple is settled in the small little village of Ozhar and is one of the eight temples of Ashtavinayak. The temple of Vigneshwar faces east, like most of the other temples and also possesses a Deepmala alongside a Dwarpalak – the guards.

    The idol of Vigneshwar faces east as well, and is embalmed in vermillion and oil. Its eyes and navel are diamond studded and makes for a pretty view. The idols of Riddhi and Siddhi can be seen at the back of the idol. Like all other temples, this temple too has an interesting legend behind it.

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  • 05Mahaganapati (Ranjangaon)

    Mahaganapati (Ranjangaon)

    The Mahaganpati Temple is one of the eight principal temples of Ashtavinayak and is based in the village of Ranjangaon. Once you enter the shrine in Ranjangaon, the idol of Mahaganpati can be seen in a seated position, flanked by Riddhi and Siddhi on either side.

    The original idol, however, is kept safely in the basement and supposedly has 10 trunks and 20 hands. Legend has it that Ranjangaon is the very place where Lord Shiva obtained Lord Ganpati’s blessings which eventually helped him in killing the arrogant and vile Tripurasur.

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