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Mayureshwar Temple (Morgaon), Ashtavinayak

The Mayureshwar Temple is set in the Morgaon Village. It is one of the eight main temples of Ashtavinayak. The village of Morgaon is named after peacocks as there was a point in time when the village used to brim with peacocks.

It is located on river Karha’s banks, belonging to the district of Pune. The idol of Mayureshwar, though originally small in size, seems bigger currently owing to decades after decades of applying vermillion to it. It is said that Lord Brahma sanctified the idol twice so that it turned indestructible.

Legend has it that Lord Brahma predicted the incarnation of Lord Ganpati in all the Yugs – with Mayureshwar being his incarnate in the Treta Yug. All these incarnates of Ganpati saw him killing the demons of those particular Yugs. It is said that Ganpati is called Mayureshwar as he decided to stay in Moreshwar and rode a peacock.

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