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Girijatmak (Lenyadri), Ashtavinayak

The Girijatmak Temple is based in Lenyadri. It figures as one of the principal temples of the pilgrim of Ashtavinayak. What is interesting about this temple is that it is set at a really great height, in a cave temple. Pilgrims and ardent worshippers walk the 300 odd steps to reach the top of the temple.

The idol of Girijatmak is carved out of the caves. Only one eye of the idol of Ganpati is visible. The temple itself is set in the eighth cave of the eighteen caves located in the mountains. The temple is entirely carved out of just one stone and faces southwards.

Legend has it that Lord Ganpati spent 15 years residing in the Lenyadri Caves after Goddess Parvati underwent a severe penance to have Ganpati as her child.

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