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Ashtavinayak Weather

The eight Ganpati Temples of Ashtavinayak are scattered all across Maharashtra. Given below is the average climatic conditions that stand true for all these pilgrim spots.


The summer season is marked from the months of March to May. The temperature during this season soars to an average 36℃ to 38℃, Travelling across all the pilgrim sites during this time can prove to be quite hectic with the sun bearing down harshly on you. Hence this season is generally avoided.


The Monsoon season lasts from June to September. This season is characterized by medium to heavy rainfall, which comes as a much needed respite from the heat. This period poses as a good time to visit the place, however if you plan to drive down to each of these 8 temples on your own, the rainy roads can be messy and problematic.


Winter stretches from the months of December to February, a period during which the climate is at its optimum best. The weather during this time of the year is cool, and the temperature ranges from a maximum 30℃ to a minimum 10℃.