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Ambala Attractions - Tourist Places To Visit In Ambala

  • 01Bhawani Amba Temple

    Bhawani Amba Temple

    Bhawani Amba Temple in Ambala is one of the popular attractions of the city. It is also believed that the city has derived its name from the presiding deity of the temple, Devi Amba. This ancient temple is considered a major pilgrimage centre in the city.

    The other attractions of Ambala include Kali Mata Mandir, Gurudwara Shri Manji Sahib, St Paul's Church and Badshahi Bagh Gurudwara.

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  • 02Badshahi Bagh Gurudwara

    Badshahi Bagh Gurudwara

    The Badshahi Bagh Gurudwara is situated behind the District Court of Ambala. The structure was built to commemorate the visit of Guru Gobind Ji, the 10th guru.

    The guru paid a visit to the city during one of his excursions to Lakhnaur.

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