Mandir Shri Nimbark Peeth, Ajmer

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Mandir Shri Nimbark Peeth was founded by the Bhati Chief of Khejarli, Shri Sheoji and Gopal Singh Ji Bhati with the aim of liberating people from the tyrannical practices of Tantrika Fiquir Masting Shah. Moreover, the temple also served to propagate Vaishnava doctrines.

The temple is so designed that it enables the deity to be visible for darshan from the very moment devotees enter the main gate. The main entrance can be reached by climbing a flight of 7 steps.

The temple having ornamented pillars is constructed over an area of 42 thousand sq ft. Yellow soil, lime mortar stone and marble forms the building material of the temple. The temple was built with an aim to inspire holy sentiments of the great love of Shri RadhaKrishna and also to propagate the eternal Vedic Sanatan Dharma among the Vaishnavas.

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