Weekend Getaways From Jaipur Weekend Getaways

Weekend Getaways In And Around Jaipur

Though Jaipur is a lively and fascinating city, a weekend break away can provide an opportunity to hike through spectacular nature reserves, experience rural Rajasthani culture, and go beyond flashy historical sites (we're looking at you, Amer Fort, Nahargarh Fort ...
From Jaipur To The Twin Towns Of Ajmer And Pushkar

From Jaipur To The Twin Towns Of Ajmer And Pushkar

Located in the royal state of Rajasthan, the twin towns of Pushkar and Ajmer are famous amongst tourists as pilgrimage centres. Surrounded by the beautiful Aravalli Hills, these historic towns are some of the most visited places in the state. Even ...
Jaipur To Mount Abu To The Green World In The Midst Of A Deserted Land

Jaipur To Mount Abu – To The Green World In The Midst Of A Deserted Land

It is certainly right that Rajasthan has become a synonym to royalty over a period of time on account of the presence of hundreds of royal palaces and other buildings. But do you know Rajasthan has a lot hidden under its ...
Jaipur To Nathdwara In The Midst Of Hills And Temples

Jaipur To Nathdwara – In The Midst Of Hills And Temples

PC- Redtigerxyz Looking for a weekend getaway from Jaipur? Well, you must consider planning a trip to the beautiful town of Nathdwara which is home to numerous tourist spots. Located in the midst of the Aravalli Hills and flourishing on the banks ...
Ajmer Rajasthan Jodhpur Ajmer Distance How Reach Ajmer

Explore The Holy City Of Ajmer From The Royal Jodhpur City

Ajmer is a beautiful tourist destination featuring the rich cultural heritage of the sovereign Rajasthan state. The city oozes with iconic forts and Islamic shrines. Ajmer is lying amidst the Aravalli Range at a distance of 205 km from the royal ...
Exploring Akbar Palace At Ajmer

Exploring Akbar's Palace At Ajmer

Ajmer is home to a large number of forts and palaces, some of them are the Bijay Niwas Palace, Taragarh Fort, Akbar Fort, Mansingh Palace and many more. Amongst the many, the most well known is Akbar's Palace. The palace is ...
To The Holy Town Of Ajmer From Delhi

To The Holy Town Of Ajmer From Delhi

The city of Ajmer was originally called Ajay Meru which in translation means "invincible hills". Located in the Aravalli ranges of south-west Jaipur, the city was founded by Raja Ajaypal Chauhan in the 7th century and was the capital of the ...
A Day Ajmer Rediscovering Spirituality

A Day In Ajmer: Rediscovering Spirituality

The state of Rajasthan boasts of some of the most beautiful, historic cities with a distinct feature of its own. One such city, which is a unique amalgamation of history and spirituality, is Ajmer, famous for the mausoleum of the 13th ...
Ajmer In Mobile App

Now Ajmer in Mobile App!

Rajasthan government has gone a step ahead to improve tourist facilities. It has taken a cue from the ongoing trend and has launched a mobile app to help tourists in Rajasthan. As of now, the information regarding Ajmer can be seen ...
Offbeat Destinations In Rajasthan

5 Offbeat Destinations in Rajasthan

The unending list of majestic palaces and forts in Rajasthan allures everyone across the world. It is nothing less than a wonder to see the architectural finesse used by the ancient architects. The vibrant culture, traditions along with royal past allure ...
Pk Rajasthan Places Visit

PK in Rajasthan – Places To Visit!

The latest Amir Khan movie PK is among the best things to look forward to this holiday season. The movie has generated immense word of mouth in its first few days of release. Be it the posters, the songs or the ...
Places Visit Ajmer Rajasthan

An Oasis of Calm – Ajmer, Rajasthan

Often while reading stories based in the deserts, the word oasis springs up to add cheer to the otherwise parched landscapes that deserts are described to be. Oasis meaning a watering place which is safe as a retreat from the harsh ...

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