Nasiyan Temple, Ajmer

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Nasiyan Temple, also known as Lal Mandir (Red Temple), was built in 1865 and is located at Prithvi Raj Marg in Ajmer. The temple is a two storied structure dedicated to Lord Adinath, the first Jain 'Tirthankara'. The edifice is divided into two parts; while one part forms the worship area and has the idol of Lord Adinath, the other part has a hall and forms a museum.

The interiors of the museum are made up of gold, and depict the five stages called Panch Kalyanak in the life of Lord Adinath. It has an area of 3200 sq ft and is decorated with Belgium stain glass, mineral colour paintings and stain glasswork.

Comprised of a focal hall adorned with gold and silver decorations, it is widely recognised as the ‘Golden Temple’ (Swarna Mandir). Wooden gild representations, glass engravings and paintings are also showcased in the temple.Popularly called as ' Soni Ji ki Saiyan', the temple got this name as it is decorated with precious stones, gold and silver work.


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