Tam Dil, Aizawl

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Tam Dil, which literally translates to “lake of mustard”, has been developed as an important fishing reservoir by the Fisheries Department of Mizoram and a holiday resort has been built nearby, by the Tourism Department. There are several different species of plants, trees and animals that can be found at the lake or the dense forest that surrounds it.

According to legends, a farmer couple lived in this valley. After the death of the husband, the wife once had a dream in which her husband asked her to take special care of a mustard plant which was there in the middle of their field, and it would bring her great blessings. She adhered to her husband’s command and the plant thrived. A while later, the widow re-married another man, but this man did not want the woman to have anything which would remind her of her former husband. So he pulled out the mustard plant and threw it away. Immediately, water started to shoot out of the hole that the plant left in the ground, and it drowned the entire valley, thus forming the lake.

Tam Dil is 110 kilometres from Aizawl, and can be reached by hiring a tourist vehicle.

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