Solomon Temple, Aizawl

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In Mizoram, there is a comparatively new sect who collectively call themselves the Holy Church and who believe that Mizoram is the Biblical ‘city in the East’. According to a famous prophecy, Jesus Christ will resurrect here. This sect is building the ‘Solomon Temple’, which is looked as a successor to the original Solomon’s Temple of Jerusalem that has found reference in the Old Testament.

The Solomon Temple lies on the western borders of Aizawl and is a white marble structure that is completely surrounded by greenery. Spread over 3,025 square meters, the temple has four towers that are topped with a crown each. The four pillars on the edges have been emblazoned with the seven Stars of David. The four towers indicate the four virtues ideal for mankind – Salvation, Righteousness, Life and Overcomer. The area surrounding the temple has also been renamed as Kidron Valley, after the vast plains that lie adjacent to the Old City of Jerusalem in Israel.

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