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Aizawl Weather


Mizoram experiences comfortable summers where the temperature doesn’t reach unbearable levels nor is there much coldness in the air. The average temperature in the months of March to June is between 20 degrees Celsius and 29 degrees Celsius. It is a good time to travel to the many places of Aizawl and explore the beauty of the place.


Typically the monsoon months in Aizawl are from late May to September. It rains considerably heavily here. The average rainfall in the state is about 254 cms per year. Aizawl in itself receives 208 cms of rains every year. Travelling during the monsoons becomes a major concern as the roads get blocked.


Winters are not very strong in Aizawl. The winter months here are late November to February. The lowest temperature recorded in Aizawl during the winters hardly comes below 7 degrees Celsius while the maximum temperature during the winters here is 21 degrees Celsius. Woollens are a must for traveling here during the winters.