Bara Bazar, Aizawl

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Bara Bazar is an extremely popular market of Aizawl and the main shopping centre of the beautiful capital city. This market functions as the lifeline of the town.

Narrow roads, lined up with shops and stalls on either sides, where you can find traditional clothes, garments, works of handicraft, food items, and almost every other thing, is what makes Bara Bazar so vibrant and colourful. On one street, you may find it crowded with people selling garments and clothes while in the next street, you may see nothing but fishes and vegetables.

Most of the inhabitants of the city, who produce and sell their home-made as well as market-purchased items, are found dressed up in their traditional attire, which so distinctly depict the culture of the state capital.

Bara Bazar is centrally located in the town of Aizawl, and hiring a local taxi would take you right to the middle of the market.

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