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This beautiful lake in Sikkim is revered by Buddhist as well as Hindus and is a sacred water body known to have wish full-filling powers. The word Khecheopalri is derived from two words Khcheo and Palri which mean 'flying yoginis/ angels' and 'Palace' respectively. The beautiful lake which is also known by name Kha-Chot-Palri is close by Khecheopalri village is surrounded by the Khechoedpaldri Hill, which is also considered sacred as well.

Legends that reason the lake's sacredness . . .

While it is believed that Guru Padmasambhava taught 64 yoginis at this pristine lake, it is even believed that the lake is the foot print of goddess Tara – The female Buddha in Vajrayana Buddhism. Accordingly, the lake even appears like a footprint from an areal view.

And according to yet another interesting legend, this particular lake is believed to represent thorax – one among the four plexus of the human body. The other three plexus are believed to be represented by Tashiding, Yuksom and Pemayangtse.

What's more, this ake also forms an important part of Demazong – the valley of rice and the Khecheopalri Lake forms part of the Buddhist pilgrimage circuit that involves Tashiding monastery, Dubdi monastery, Yuksom, Pemayangtse Monastery, Rabdentse ruins and the Sanga Choeling monastery.

There is an interesting fact about this sacred water body. For reasons unknown, birds here ensure that no leaves dropped on to the water float on the lake. Immediately as a leave falls on the lake, birds fly down and pick them up and away from the waters!

Every year, a religious festival is called the Maghe Purne is held here during April/May which attracts thousands of devotees not just from India but also from places like Nepal and Bhutan every year. Also, yet another festival called the Chho-Tsho is celebrates at the lake in October in observance of the harvest of cardamom plantation.

Since the place is of religious as well as a tourist importance, some necessary facilities have been provided in its premises. A lake jetty is present through which one can lead the front potion of the lake and offer prayers. In addition prayer wheels and prayer flags have been fixed along the jetty, that not just add to the beauty of the lake but also enhance the place's pious atmosphere.

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