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Yana Caves, Yana

Yana Caves are another renowned attraction of Yana Village and is considered to be a must see site for all tourists. These 3 m deep caves are located amidst the evergreen forests of the Sahyadri Mountain Range, Karnataka. Tourists can enjoy rock climbing here as Yana Caves are made of uniquely-formed black crystalline limestone.

The caves have a Shiva Linga that is called Gangodbhava by locals, which can be seen at the entrance. This site is popular among travellers for an old temple, rock formations, mountains and waterfalls. Moreover, tourists will get the chance to watch the bronze statue of Chandika, an incarnation of Goddess Durga.

Water that passes from the rocks creates a small river called Chandihole, which meets Aghanashini river at Uppinapattana. Tourists who are interested in staying at this site are provided with necessary camping equipments.