Sasatgre Village, West Garo Hills

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Sasatgre Village lies at the foot of the Nokrek Peak, in the West Garo Hills district of Meghalaya. This beautiful little village is filled with several houses that are well-built in a typical Garo pattern. These houses are firm, airy and spacious.

A visitor coming to this village can really learn a lot about the Garo traditions, because even up to this day, the Sasatgre villagers are firmly tied to their customs and culture.

Sasatgre gains its popularity mainly from the excellent oranges that it produces every year. They have a vast orange plantation, and the entire village is surrounded by dark green orange trees. People love the oranges of Sasatgre as they are not only tasty and juicy but also healthy. The village is now on the side-line of the Nokrek Gene Sanctuary cum Biosphere Reserve.

One can reach Sasatgre by travelling through a jerry-built road from Oragitok village which lies on the Tura-Williamnagar Highway.

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