Tura, West Garo Hills

Tura is the district headquarters of West Garo Hills and the second largest town in Meghalaya. The town is located in Tura Hills and right below the Tura Peak. The town derives its name from the native god Durama who is believed to reside in the hills and blesses the residents of the area. Tura is believed to be misspelled word which was adopted by the British once they took over the control of the region.

The beautiful town is filled with small rivulets and green valleys all around. It serves as the perfect base camp for tourists visting different destinations in Garo Hills such as Balpakram, Nokrek and Siju Cave. There are lot of waterfalls around this town which attract thousands of tourists all around the year. It is also a nice place to shop local handicraft and take them home as perfect souvenir from Garo Hills.

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