Rombagre, West Garo Hills

Rombagre is a popular picnic spot at a distance of thirty-five kilometres from Tura. The villagers of the area have been preserving and protecting a beautiful water pool in the Simsang river where one can find schools of fishes swimming in the crystal clear water.

This is what has really shot up the popularity of the place, as quite often, visitors are found really interested in watching these fishes swim about in the protected pool. There are also several picnic spots in and around Rombagre, where people love to come with their friends and families, relax, play around, do their own cooking and enjoy the day.

Usually it is a calm and quite place, but during certain period of the year, such as Christmas and New Year, it gets crowded with the large number of picnickers. Rombagre falls on the Williamnagar-Tura PWD Road, and can be reached by hiring a local taxi or a tourist vehicle.

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