Rangapani, West Garo Hills

Rangapani village is a beautiful ecological destination in West Garo Hills district of Meghalaya. The earthly remains of Mir-Jumla, the army general of the great Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb, still lies here. Mir-Jumla died of malaria while returning from his excursion in the North-East. The Muslim association of this village are responsible for maintaining his tomb.

Rangapani is not only popular for the historical significance that it holds, but also for the magnificent scenic beauty of the place. The calm environment with the fresh blowing breeze is absolutely delightful.

The deep green hills that can be seen at the distance, with the narrow streets rolling through them are a treat to the eyes. Rangapani is located 40 kilometres from Tura, near Mancachar on the Assam border. The best way to reach here is to hire a tourist vehicle from Tura.

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