Mande Burung(Jungle Man), West Garo Hills

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Mande Burung, that’s what it is known as in the local language. Mande Burung, or ‘Forest Man’ is an ape like creature which resides in the forests of Meghalaya. Whether an absolute truth or not, that is yet to be verified. An ample number of sightings have been reported by the Garo people since its first occurrence on 15th November,1995.

Initially, these sightings were dismissed as only myths among the rural folks. But as the sightings became more frequent accompanied with satisfactory evidence, it is then that it became a topic of interest. Not only it caught the attention of the government but also the national as well as international media. Adequate documentation has been done on this incredible and mysterious phenomenon by the BBC and History channel.

The sightings of the Mande Burung have been made near Bhutan and Bangladesh borders of the Garo Hill, Meghalaya. It has been described as humongous, rising to a height of 8 feet with ape like features and long brown coloured body hair and a long head. The footprints found on some of the sights have been measured as 13-15 inches.

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