Daribokgre Rural tourism, West Garo Hills

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Daribokgre, a hamlet in the Garo hills is just 3 kilometres from Nokrek National Park. Since the advent of technology and machineries in agriculture, the use of manual labour has become increasingly less, forcing the village people to resort to other mean such as rural tourism to sustain the economy. The Daribokgre village is one such example.

The prime motive of the Daribokgre Rural Tourism is to acquaint and involve travellers into the rural lifestyle. The project mainly aims at accommodating travellers who come to visit the Nokrek National Park or the Nokrek Peak, which is the highest peak in Garo hills. The village community works together to provide a comfortable stay to its guests.

One can rent a hut or a tree house at minimal rates, ranging from Rs. 200-400. The huts are furnished in simple taste and also come with wooden floored hygienic bathrooms. Simple meals along with local Garo delicacies are also prepared at the request of the visitor

While experiencing the amiable hospitality of the Daribokgre Rural Tourism, a traveller can also enjoy other activities like nature walks, bird watching and trekking. One can reach Daribokgre by booking a tourist bus from Tura.

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