Bhaitbari, West Garo Hills

Bhaitbari is a small village on the bank of river Jingjiram in West Garo Hills district. Bhaitbari gained its popularity after an archaeological exploration was conducted in the village in 1991 and 1992. This exploration led to some very interesting findings for the people.

There is a mud-cum-nurt brick fort that runs in the shape of a horse-shoe for over five kilometres in the north-south direction on the banks of river Jingjiram. There was also a beautiful temple made of burnt brick which was unearthed during this exploration.

The third impressive discovery was that of an Octagonal Temple with eight miniature "Shiv Lings". Fourth was the most thrilling discovery of a "Stupa" which is associated with the Buddhism. However, nothing is definitely known about this site as yet.

Bhaitibari is approximately three miles from Phulbari, on the way to Tura. One can come here by booking a cab from Tura.

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