Bazars, West Garo Hills

Bazars are extremely popular in West Garo Hills, and to get a feel of the local life and energy, a visit to the local bazars situated at different villages is a must. These bazars open up on different days of the week. One can shop here for handloom products, local artefacts, handicrafts, vegetables and also enjoy various Garo cuisines.

Garos practice a lot of shifting cultivation, and these bazars were traditionally popular for people who used to buy and sell the products that they would bring in from the fields after a week's trek.

Some of the popular bazars and the days they are to be visited are Garobadha Bazar on Tuesdays, Rongram Bazar on Fridays, Jengjal Bazar on Thursdays, Nazing Bazar on Saturdays, Kherapara Bazar on Wednesdays, Rongsak Bazar on Tuesdays, and Badadam Bazar on Mondays.

One can easily reach any of these bazars by hiring a local taxi from Tura.

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