Asanangre, West Garo Hills

Asanangre, a quintessentially Garo Village, lies at the crossroads of the Williamnagar-Tura highway. It is one of the large villages in Garo hills. Asanangre prides itself as being the village which consists of the Rongram Community and Rural Development block headquarters.

The Asanangre village is perfectly symbolic of what a Garo village and society looks like. With its simple thatched houses, minimal furniture and utensils and extremely simple lifestyle of living, Asanangre gives you a feel of what “living with nature” actually feels like. The village also consists of fishing ponds everywhere with small fruit and vegetable orchards.

A special aspect of the village is that it happens to be site of the Wangala Dance festival, a famous festival of the Garos which in fact is celebrated throughout Meghalaya and also attributes to a local holiday in the state. The village is also the meeting point for some exchange of trade between Bangladesh and other neighbouring countrieswhich is more popularly known as ‘border haats’.

The best way to get access to Asanangre village is to book a private cab or catch an MTC bus from Shillong and get off the Williamnagar-Tura highway junction.

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