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Vedanthangal Bird sanctuary, Vedanthangal


Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary attracts the attention of birdwatchers and ornithologists from across the country for two reasons. Firstly, it is one of the very first bird sanctuaries to be established in India with a history that dates back to the period of British rule. Secondly, the nationwide importance the sanctuary enjoys owes considerably to the participation of local communities in its preservation.

With a wide variety of seasonal birds, Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary draws bird-lovers and birdwatchers from all over the country. The rare and exotic species that can be spotted in this sanctuary include Garganey Teals, Grey Pelican of Australia, Snake Bird of Sri Lanka, Grey Heron, Glossy Ibis, Open-billed Stork, Siberian Painted Stork and the Spot Bill Duck.

The sanctuary is dotted with a number of small lakes and covers an area of about 74 acres. Many rare European species of birds could be spotted in this sanctuary during the months of November and December.

Vedanthangal Bird sanctuary Photos