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Madras, India 34 ℃ Partly cloudy
Wind: 20 from the WSW Humidity: 50% Pressure: 1006 mb Cloud Cover: 25%
5 Days weather forecast
Day Outlook Min Max
Thursday 21 Sep 29 ℃ 83 ℉ 35 ℃94 ℉
Friday 22 Sep 28 ℃ 83 ℉ 34 ℃93 ℉
Saturday 23 Sep 29 ℃ 84 ℉ 34 ℃93 ℉
Sunday 24 Sep 28 ℃ 82 ℉ 34 ℃92 ℉
Monday 25 Sep 27 ℃ 80 ℉ 35 ℃94 ℉

The best time to visit Vedanthangal is after the monsoon (November) and before the summer heat begins (March). Lots of migratory birds flock to Vedanthangal during the winter season making it the perfect time to spot birds. Though birdwatching can be carried out any time of the year, months of heavy showers and heat should be preferably avoided.


Like most other parts of Tamil Nadu, Vedanthangal has a tropical climate characterized by severe heat and humidity during summers. Though the month of May is the hottest month of the year, the summer heat is extended to June and July as well. The temperature during the summer season goes up to a maximum of 40°C, making birdwatching impossible.


The months of August, September and October receive a considerable amount of rainfall in the region of Vedanthangal. The showers are generally heavy and hence these months are not recommended to visit the sanctuary. Those who plan to visit Vedanthangal during the months of monsoon are advised to carry umbrellas and raincoats.


Winter season starts in Vedanthangal from the month of November and is continued for four full months till the end of February. The climate is cool and pleasant in this season making it ideal for watching birds. The temperature during these months is likely to drop to a minimum of 16°C and travelers are recommended to carry light woolen clothes.