Durga Temple, Varanasi

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Durga Temple, dedicated to goddess Durga, is situated in Ramnagar, Varanasi. Believed to have been built by a Bengali Maharani in 18th century, the temple is currently under the control of the royal family of Banaras.

The temple is constructed in Nagara Style of the North Indian style of architecture. It stands on a square platform opposite a pond called Durga Kund. The temple has tall watch towers on each of its four corners and a multi-tiered spire or shikhara. The building is painted in red with ochre shade in line with the clothes worn by the goddess herself.

According to a belief, the idol of goddess Durga was not created by human beings, but appeared on its own and that it protects the city from the evil forces.

Thousands of devotees throng the temple during Navaratri and other festivals. Unfortunately, non-Hindus are allowed to enter only the courtyard and are barred from visiting its sanctum sanctorum. The temple is also called the Monkey Temple because of the presence of a large number of simians on its premises.

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