Kurisumala Hill, Vagamon

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Kurisumala Hill also known as the “Mountain of the Holy Cross” stands stately 10 km away from Vagamon. This famous hill is an important pilgrimage for the Christians; it is also famous for the dairy farms that it houses. The Kurisumala Hill is enveloped with verdant green tea gardens and thick forests on each side that make the hill more appealing. You can view the Murugan Para from this hill. People from far and near come here for trekking, camping and paragliding.

The Kurisulamala Ashram which is situated here has many visitors. During the week of Good Friday, devotees climb Kurisumala Hill to reach the Ashram carrying the holy cross. On the way uphill, there is an old house built in European architectural style. There is a man-made lake beside this house. The house and lake were contrived by Laurie Baker. You will also see the dairy farms which are managed by the monks of Kurisulamala Ashram and run by an Indo-Swiss Project.


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