Kurisumala Ashram, Vagamon

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Kurisumala Ashram stands high on the Kurisumala hill. Kurisumala stays true to its name which means “Mountain of the Holy Cross” because of this ashram for the Nazrani Catholics and believers in Gandhian philosophy. It is visited by pilgrims of all religions and races. Good Friday is celebrated here with grandeur. During this time, the pilgrims carry a holy wooden cross and climb the hill. The ashram is also known for its generosity: it feeds many hungry mouths every day. Moreover, the Kurisumala Ashram does not permit food to be wasted by its residents and guests.

Kurisumala Ashram has a large prayer Hall. Devotees pray and meditate here. Near to the monastery lie numerous dairy farms that produce over 1500 litres of milk every day. There are twelve sub-mounds on Kurisumala hill, and highest place is known as the ‘Resurrection Garden’. Apart from being a spiritual aspiration, this place is a tourist spot too for its scenic beauty as it is encompassed by tea gardens and lakes.


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