Saligrama - Narasimha Temple, Udupi

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Saligrama is in the Udupi district on NH17 road. There is a huge temple devoted to Guru Narasimha. The temple is said to have a history of 1000 years. It is believed that Narad Maharshi placed the idol of Guru Narasimha in its current place and then eventually transformed into the current temple structure over the years.

The annual car festival held here is very famous and is attended by many devotees from all over the state as well as from neighboring states. The place is located somewhat in the middle of Udupi and Kundapur. It is about 21Km north of Udupi and about 81Km from Mangalore. You can get there very easily via NH17.

Bus service is available and you can get direct buses from Bangalore to Saligrama. Once you have reached there, for local means of transport there are lots of autos and taxis. Lots of lodging facilities are available in Mangalore and Udupi for visitors.

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