Pajaka, Udupi

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Pajaka is believed to be the birthplace of Sri Madhavacharya, who was a Dvaita philosopher. The ancestral home of Madhavacharya is a key attraction here. Madhava Mandira is another attraction worth visiting here, where many religious activities are performed. It is also a school where Veda and Sanskrit classes are held. There is also a Parashurama temple in this location.

There is a complex which includes Sri Anantapadmanabha temple, house of Sri Madhavacharya and a temple where an idol of Sri Madhavacharya is placed by Sri Vadiraja. Most of the attractions in this place are connected to Sri Madhavacharya, for example you can see a huge banyan tree which was planted by him as well as four ponds from where he used to take water.

Pajaka Kshetra is just 13 km away from Udupi, towards the south east. The nearest airport is at Mangalore and the nearest railway station is at Udupi. There are buses from Udupi to Pajaka in abundance. Tourists can stay at various hotels and lodges at Udupi.

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