Kapu - Marikamba Temple, Udupi

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Kapu which is also called as Kaup is a beautiful small town near Udupi. This is a coastal area. Main attractions in Kapu are the light house and the temple dedicated to the Sri Marikamba. The temple not only attracts visitors from nearby places but also from neighbouring states.

The Sirsi Marikamba fair held here is very famous and attracts a huge gathering every year. The temple houses a very huge sculpture of Marikamba Devi. This is also considered as one of the biggest temple in Karnataka.

The light house here which was constructed in 1901 is a major attraction and has a height of 27.12 m from base. It is open to public between 4pm and 6 pm every day. The sight from top of the light house is breath taking.

Kapu is at a distance of 50 km from Kundapur. You need to travel 12 Km towards Mangalore from Udupi on NH17 to reach this small town.

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