Ambalpady Mahakali Janardhan Temple, Udupi

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Ambalpady Mahakali Temple is located hardly 2 to 3 kilometers from Udupi in Karnataka. There is an idol of Goddess Mahakali that is of almost 6 feet in height. The name Ambalpady derived from the word Amba which means Mother and also Pady which means top of a hill.

Another major attraction of the temple is Oracle in which the Goddess talks to devotees through a person called Pathri. This particular event takes place every Friday evening. Personal problems of the people are heard as well as the required solutions are also given to the pilgrims.

Visitors are also advised to visit the Lakshmi Janardhan Temple of Lord Mahavishnu that is located near the Mahakali Janardhan temple.

Some of the major poojas that takes place in Ambalpady temple include Theertha Snana, Rakshayantra, Kunkumarachane and Mahapooja.

The nearest railway station is Udupi. Transportation services including buses, taxis as well as auto-rickshaws are available to reach Ambalpady Mahakali Janardhan Temple. There are plenty of lodges available in Udupi for pilgrims to stay.

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