Sas-Bahu Temple, Udaipur

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Sas-Bahu Temple is a 10th century temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is located at a distance of 23 km from Udaipur on the National Highway 8 in Nagda Town. The temple consists of two structures; one of them has been built by a mother-in-law, and the other one by a daughter-in-law.

The entrance of the temple is characterised by carved lintels and a multi-lobed arch in the middle. An altar, a mandapa (columned prayer hall) with projections, and a porch are common features of both the structures of the temple.

The 'Bahu' temple, which is slightly smaller that the 'Sas' temple, has an octagonal ceiling decorated with eight intricately carved female figures. A torana (archway) is located in front of the 'Sas' temple.

The walls of the temple are decorated with various incidents from the epic Ramayana. The sculptures, which are made in two steps are arranged in such a way that one encircles the other.

The temple has images of Lord Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu carved on one platform and images of Rama, Balrama, and Parashurama carved on another platform. It was built in the 10th century AD by King Mahapala and consists of a cluster of temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu.


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