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City Palace is one of the most beautiful palatial buildings in Udaipur. It is considered the largest amongst its kind in Rajasthan. Maharana Udai Mirza Singh constructed the palace in 1559 as the capital of the Sisodia Rajput clan. It lies on the banks of the Pichola Lake. The complex of the City Palace comprises around 11 palaces.

The structure displays a perfect combination of the Mughal and the Rajasthani style of architecture. It is built on top of a hill and offers an aerial view of the entire city. There are several domes, courtyards, corridors, rooms, pavilions, towers, and hanging gardens in the palace, which add to its beauty.

There are many gateways in this palace. The Bara Pol or the Great Gate is the main entrance gate to the palace. There is a triple arched gate too, which is called Tripolia. Close to this gate, there is a field where elephant fights used to take place. In the middle of these two gates, there are eight toranas or marble arches. The kings were weighed here against silver and gold, which was later, distributed among the poor.

The antique furniture, beautiful paintings, notable mirror and ornamental tile work enhance the elegance of the interiors of the palace. The Manak Mahal or the Ruby Palace is adorned with amazing crystal and porcelain statues. The Bhim Vilas is decorated with miniature paintings presenting the life of the Hindu deities, Radha and Krishna. The other palaces inside the City Palace include the Krishna Vilas, the Sheesh Mahal or the Palace of Mirrors, and the Moti Mahal or the Pearl Palace. The Jagdish Temple, known as the biggest shrine of Udaipur, is a part of the City Palace complex.

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