Jagdish Temple, Udaipur

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Jagdish Temple, earlier known as the Temple of Jagannath Rai, is a major part of the City Palace in Udaipur. The temple is dedicated to the Hindu Lord Vishnu and is considered as the largest temple of the city. Representing the Indo-Aryan architectural style, it was constructed by Maharana Jagat Singh of Udaipur in 1651. The image of Vishnu enshrined in the temple is carved out of black stone, and features four arms.

It is a three-storey structure with exquisitely carved pillars, painted walls, and decorated ceilings. There are 50 pillars each on the first, and the second floor. The apex of the temple measures 79 ft in height, and statues of musicians and dancers along with elephants and horsemen can be seen on it. The image of Garuda (half-man and half-eagle) guards the doorway of Lord Vishnu.

There are four other shrines located in proximity to the Jagdish Temple, which are dedicated to the Sun God, Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva, and Goddess Shakti.


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