Sajjangarh, Udaipur

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Sajjangarh, also known as the 'Monsoon Palace', is a wonderful palatial building in Udaipur. The palace is perched at an elevation of 944 m from sea level on the Bansdara Peak of the Aravalli Range. Maharana Sajjan Singh of the Mewar Dynasty built the palace in 1884 to watch the monsoon clouds.

This beautiful palace is constructed with white marble. Travellers can enjoy amazing views of the Pichola Lake and the surrounding countryside from this place. The pillars supporting the palace are designed with fine motifs of flowers, and leaves.

The nine-storey building served as the astronomical centre from where the King used to keep a track of the monsoon clouds. However, his untimely death put a stop to the construction of the palace. Later, his successor Maharana Fateh Singh completed the construction work of the palace.

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