Jag Mandir, Udaipur

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Jag Mandir, in popular terms, the Lake Garden Palace, is situated on one of the four islands of the Pichola Lake. Three Sisodia Rajput kings of the Mewar dynasty carried out the construction of the palace.

Maharana Amar Singh first started the construction of the palace in 1551. Later, Maharana Karan Singh did some work between 1620 and 1628. Maharana Jagat Singh I (1628–1652) completed the construction work of the palace. It was named as Jag Mandir after the last king Maharana Jagat Singh.

The Gul Mahal in Jag Mandir was built for the Mughal Prince Khurram. There is a dome with an Islamic crescent on the top of the palace. Inside the building, there are halls, reception areas, courts and residential suites. The Kunwar Pada ka Mahal or the Palace of the Crown Prince is located to the west of the Jag Mandir. The pavilion is decorated with magnificent stone elephant structure.

There is also a flower garden in the palace. Travellers can see bougainvillaeas, jasmine, moss roses, frangipani trees, and palm trees in the garden.


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