Ahar, Udaipur

Ahar is a renowned archaeological site famous for the cenotaphs of the rulers of Mewar. The town which is located at a distance of 3 km from Udaipur has more than 19 cenotaphs of the rulers who were cremated here. Apart from the cenotaphs, Ahar also has an archaeological museum.

The architraves of the roofs are decorated with ornamentations, similar to that of the temples of the 15th century. Thee single upright stone of the architraves is adorned with images of Lord Shiva, and Maharana.

Cenotaphs dedicated to Maharana Amar Singh, Maharana Sangram Singh, Swaroop Singh, and Shambhu Singh are located here. Other cenotaphs present here include those of Fateh Singh, Bhupal Singh, Bhagwat Singh Mewar, and Sajjan Singh all of whom were the rulers of Mewar.


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