» »A Rolling Spectacle: Zorbing in India

A Rolling Spectacle: Zorbing in India

By Akshatha Vinayak

Adventure sports provide a space for rejuvenation. One can feel more adventurous and exciting by trying such sports. Each sport differ in the difficulty levels, some are extreme while others are for just fun. Zorbing is one such activity that can be performed for fun as well as an adventure in India.


Zorbing in Pahalgam
Photo Courtesy: Ankur P

What is Zorbing?

Zorbing is a recreational sport which is performed in a big inflated transparent ball. Zorbing is carried out in slight hilly slopes or even an artificially made surface. Zorbing is also known as Orbing, Sphereing and globe-riding.

The participants get inside the ball and it is sealed. The sphere rolls down for a distance giving an adrenaline pumping experience. It is a fun sport which has become popular in India during the recent years. Two or three riders can get in the inflated ball and perform the sport together.

History of Zorbing

Hamster Ball

It is a very interesting to know the idea of Zorb came from the Hamster Ball. Hamster Ball is a small transparent ball which is used for rodent pets like gerbils, Hamsters, etc. Hamster Ball was there from 1970's.

Hamster Ball

Hamster Ball
Photo Courtesy:Phoenix Wolf-Ray

The rodent pets were put inside the hollow plastic ball which allowed them to walk around outside the cage. It helped the owners to keep their pets outside cages without risking them to run away. The ball also made noise in certain surfaces which helped the owners to keep a track of their rodent pets at home.

History of Zorbing

Zorbing As a Sport

The concept of Hamster Ball was incorporated to a much bigger size. The idea of Zorb came in existence in 1973. The first zorbing site was established in Rotorua in New Zealand. It was only in 1980's, it began as an adventure sport. Humans were put inside the ball and then it was rolled on the ground or a steep surface.


Zorbing in Khajjiar 1
Photo Courtesy: Irfan Shaikh

The Structure of Zorb Ball

The Zorb is a double - layered ball which is made of flexible plastic. The ride gets in through an opening and goes inside the sphere inside the bigger one. Some orbs will have strapps to tie the rider and many don't have an harness inside. In the unharnessed zorb, the rider is free to walk or roll along.

Zorb ball in Khajjiar

Zorb Ball in Khajjiar
Photo Courtesy: Prashant Ram

The space between the 2 balls is needed for the easy flow of air. In turn it helps the participant to stay inside comfortably.

Places for Zorbing in India

Zorbing is one of the popular recreational sport in Manali's Solang Valley. The vast hilly slopes in Solang Valley provides a good space for Zorbing.

Solang Valley

Try Zorbing in Solang Valley
Photo Courtesy: Raman Virdi

In Lonavala, Zorbing is becoming a famous sport in recent years. The slopes of Lonavala is unique and challenging. Thus, making the sport a thrilling experience.

You can try Zorbing in the beautiful Pahalgam in Kashmir. The picturesque landscapes provide a good base for this exciting sport.

Khajjiar which is known as the Switzerland of Himachal Pradesh is famous for Zorbing. The grassland pastures in Khajjiar is the prime ground for this sport.

Water Zorbing in Bengaluru

Water Zorbing in Bengaluru
Photo Courtesy: Satya Prakash

Water Zorbing is popular in Bengaluru. Many resorts and amusement parks provide the facilities required for Water Zorbing. Discovery Village near Nandi Hills, Meenakshi Resorts, etc. are some places where it is a well known sport.

Adventure enthusiasts can also try Water Zorbing or Aqua Zorbing in Delhi. The sport is slowly gaining popularity in India's capital.

Types of Zorbing

Zorbing is of three types: Harness Zorbing ( Harness Sphereing), Aqua Zorbing (Water Zorbing) and Rolling Zorbing.

Harness Zorbing

The riders are tied inside the ball and the sphere rolls down the hill. This kind of zorbing might make the person dizzy eventhough the duration is just a few seconds. However, Harness Zorbing is the majorly followed type in India.

Aqua Zorbing or Water Zorbing

Aqua Zorbing means the inflated ball rolls on the water. Usually, it is a sport arranged for kids. This kind of zorbing is done on a swimming pool. However, it is a little riskier than the harness Zorbing because of lack air inside.

Roller Zorbing or Eclipse Zorbing

In Roller Zorbing, the zorb is not a ball but it will be cylindrical in shape. Both ends of the cylinder will be open and the whole activity involves more strength manually.

People of all age groups can try this sport but certain safety measures have to be taken. Certain weight restrictions are also there for this activity.

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