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Why The Unexplored Mapusa In Goa Deserves To Be Unveiled

Even though Goa has gained popularity all over the world and is visited by millions of tourists every year, there are still several places here which have not caught the attention of tourists. These unexplored hidden places are perfect destinations for those who always look forward to enjoying an uncrowded, peaceful atmosphere. One such place in Goa is Mapusa. Located at a distance of about 15 km from the Panaji, the capital city of Goa, it is a hidden spot which has in store a lot to be discovered. The town is settled around a hillock named Altinho, and hence it provides its tourists with several enthralling views of the nearby hills and farmlands.

Are you one amongst those offbeat travellers? If yes, the Mapusa shouldn't be missed by you on your trip to Goa. Following are the major places in Mapusa which make this small town a great place to spend relaxing weekends. Read on to learn about these compelling spots in Mapusa.

Church Of Our Lady Of Miracles

Also called St Jerome's Church, Church of Our Lady of Miracles is one of the oldest places in the town and has its history stretching back to the late 16th century when the region was under the rule of the Portuguese army.

Even though it has been renovated several times since then, it still holds its age-old charm and historical significance. But do you know the church is also considered as a sacred site amongst Hindus? Yes, as it is built on a site of a Hindu temple, it is considered as a highly revered site amongst Hindus in Mapusa.

The annual feast day of the church is celebrated with great enthusiasm by Hindus and Christians both. Doesn't it showcase the beauty of a secular India? Therefore, do not miss out on this holy place while in Goa.

Shree Dev Bodgeshwar Temple

Another attraction of Mapusa, Shree Dev Bodgeshwar Temple is dedicated to Lord Bodgeshwar who is also referred to as Bongini locally and is known as wish-fulfilling lord. Even though it is a newly built temple, it is frequented by thousands of locals and devotees every year.

The annual fair which is held during the months of December and January is a prominent attraction and is visited by people from all over the state. The temple is located in the midst of beautiful farms, and hence it provides its visitors with a serene atmosphere. What do you think about a visit to this peaceful place and getting your wishes fulfilled?

Friday Baazar

Well, this is one thing you cannot miss while in and around Mapusa. It is a weekly market which is held every Friday and is known as the place where one can buy anything. In other words, it can be said that Friday Baazar is an ultimate shopping centre.

From clothes to vegetables, gadgets to groceries and jewellery to other household items, you can find hundreds of things at this beautiful market. On account of its colourful and lively atmosphere, it attracts several tourists as well. The market remains open from 8 am to 2 pm.

Maruti Temple

One of the most beautiful temples in Mapusa which will compel you to take out your camera, Maruti Temple is a must-visit destination for every traveller and tourists. The temple is located in the heart of the town and is dedicated to Lord Hanuman.

As per records, it was built in the mid 19th century during the period when the Portuguese were destroying the temples all around the state. It is also said that people used to come here wearing a cloak so that they could pray in secrecy.

Today, the temple houses a silver idol of Lord Hanuman and is visited by thousands of devotees every year. Wouldn't you love to get yourself to this historic site and learn in detail about the legends of its formation and survival?


PC- Shanky

Sai Baba Temple

Another temple which holds the charm of a peaceful aura, Sai Baba Temple is located on the outskirts of Mapusa and is one of the popular religious places in the town. The major reason why you must visit Sai Baba Temple lies in its uncrowded stainless environment which is all set to relax your mind, body and soul. It is located in the vicinity of Maruti Temple and is easily accessible.

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