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Visit Ujjayanta Palace in Tripura

By Siji Ram

Tripura is one of the scenic states in India. With its green valleys and hills, Tripura is a traveller's paradise. The cultural land of Tripura has some beautiful tourist attractions to explore. Let us take a virtual tour of Ujjayanta Palace here.

Ujjayanta Palace, located in Agartala, is a former royal palace of Tripura. Today, this structure is a state museum, and is known as the Tripura Government Museum. This stunning structure stands on the banks of a small river, with lush green Mughal gardens surrounding it.


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This stunning palace is built using Indo-saracenic style of architecture, and has served as home to many past rulers of Tripura. The palace compound covers an area of around 250 acres of land. Built in 1901, this two-storey structure has 3 domes, each of which are 86ft tall.

The interior of the palace is beautifully done with its tiled flooring, carved wooden ceilings and doors. Interestingly, the palace gets its name Ujjayanta from Rabindranath Tagore, who was a regular visitor at the palace.


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Today, this palatial structure is Northeast India's largest museum and portrays the culture and heritage of the region. The museum has 22 galleries which has exhibits like archaeological antiquities, paintings, historical Indian sculptures, etc. There are over 1400 collections that include stone sculptures, terracotta plaques, copper plate inscriptions, sketches and drawings, oil paintings, bronze images, ornaments, etc.

Some of the interesting exhibits here are from Pilak (a small town near Agartala) that consists of sculptures from different cultures of Hinduism and Buddhism that were prevalent from 9th to 13th centuries in the region. You can also find beautiful frames depicting Dasavatara which is carved in stone. You can also find various coins in gold, silver and copper that belong to the royal past of the place.


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Other Places to See in Agartala

Agartala has some more attractions you can visit. Some of them are the Agartala City Centre, Jagannath Temple, Akhaura Border, Neer Mahal and Krishna Mandir along with several other attractions.

How to Reach the Museum

The palace museum is just a kilometre away from Agartala. You can hire a taxi to the palace from the city. Here's how to reach Agartala.

Visit the beautiful land of Agartala to experience the rich history, culture and heritage of the region.

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