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Visit Rani Sati Temple in Rajasthan!

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India has plenty of temples to flaunt - temples dedicated to Gods and Goddesses, temples dedicated to animals and even temples worshipping bikes! Well, today let us know more about a temple dedicated to a lady who lived in Rajasthan.

Rani Sati Temple located at Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan is one of the temples dedicated to human beings in India. This unique temple gets the name from Rani Sati, a Rajasthani woman who lived between 13th and 17th centuries. As Sati commits sati (self immolation) on the death of her husband, the temple was built to commemorate her act. Sati is also called as Narayani and fondly called as Dadiji (grandmother).

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Photo Courtesy: Ankit Sihag

The Legend Behind the Temple

The story of the temple's existence dates back to the time of Mahabharata. It is said that as per Narayani's wish to get married to Abhimanyu, which was granted by Lord Krishna, Narayani and Abhimanyu take rebirth and get married. The King of Hissar, who wanted to own Abhimanyu's horse, sends his son to fight a battle with Abhimanyu and conquer the horse. In the battle, the King's son is killed and Abhimanyu comes victorious. The furious King kills Abhimanyu in front of Narayani's eyes.

Narayani, who was symbolic of female bravery and power, fights the King and kills him, after which he orders Ranaji (the caretaker of the horse) to make arrangements for her to set ablaze along with her husband's cremation. Being loyal to Sati, Ranaji is blessed that his name would be worshipped along with her name. Since then she is called as Rani Sati.

sati temple

Photo Courtesy: Ankit Sihag

The Architecture of the Temple

The temple is known for not having any paintings and other images of Gods and Goddesses. However, the temple has a portrait of Rani Sati in the main hall and the temple walls are filled with colourful paintings. The structure of the temple is made in white marble.

The temple complex also has other temples that include Lord Hanuman Temple, Lord Ganesha Temple, Sita Temple and Lord Shiva Temple. Apart from the main Sati temple, there are 12 smaller Sati temples in the temple complex. The temple holds murals and other paintings that talk about the extensive history of the place. A large Shiva statue is placed right in the centre of the temple complex, which is surrounded by a garden.

sati temple

Photo Courtesy: Ankit Sihag

How to Reach Rani Sati Temple

Jhunjhunu is well connected by road to all the major cities like Delhi, Jaipur, Jodhpur and Bikaner. There are regular trains from Jhunjhunu to the nearby cities that include Delhi and Jaipur. The nearest airport to the place is at Jaipur which is 184km away.

Travel to this unique temple and also explore the nearby attractions. Happy travelling!

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