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Top Adventurous Activities To Do Around Bangalore

Looking for a thrilling weekend around Bangalore? Well, if you are one amongst those travel enthusiasts who love adventurous activities a lot, then this article is definitely for you. With the approach of the monsoon season, the surroundings of Bangalore have become more beautiful, thereby, alluring hundreds of travellers and tourists from all over the country.

As the surroundings are filled with several natural wonders in the form of rivers, hills, plains, grasslands, forests and valleys, you must not miss the opportunity of exploring them, especially when their beauty is at their best. So, what do you think of indulging in some adventurous activities amidst the beautiful surroundings of Bangalore? Read on to know more about these top adventurous activities to do around Bangalore.

1. Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is one of the most lovable activities every adventure seeker opts for. Being a land of hills and rocky terrains, the surroundings of Bangalore offer a great opportunity for rock climbing; hence, it attracts hundreds of tourists and travellers from all over the state.

The major places around Bangalore where you can enjoy rock climbing include Savandurga Hill, Chitradurga, Hampi rock formations and Badami Hills. If you do not desire to go far away from the boundaries of Bangalore, then the twin hills of Chitradurga and Savandurga are the best options.

The lush green surroundings of these beautiful rock climbing destinations certainly adds to their existing charm. So, how about taking up the challenge of climbing these towering rock hills?

2. Trekking

trekking bangalore

Trekking is one of the most preferred adventurous activities in the world and hence, you can find each and every hilly region on the bucket list of trekkers. So, if you love trekking to the core, then you are at right place to satisfy your lust for it. The surroundings of Bangalore are perfect to go trekking on account of the presence of innumerable hills and rugged terrains with the presence of numerous trekking trails.

During the monsoon season, these trails get surrounded by lush vegetation, thereby, making them look like staircases to heaven. Wouldn't you love to traverse such surreal alleys? The major places around Bangalore where you can go trekking include Ramanagara, Makalidurga, Anthargange, Nandi Hills, B R Betta and Skandagiri. You can also savour the beauty of spotting beautiful wildlife and colourful birds here.

3. Snorkelling

Unless you are hydrophobic, snorkelling is certainly your activity this season. Who else can understand the beauty of witnessing the underwater splendours better than snorkelling enthusiasts? Even though snorkelling is not a popular adventurous activity around Bangalore, there are still several places and nature camps which are offering its visitors opportunities of exploring underwater marvels in the nearby lakes, rivers and other streams.

If you have never tried your hand at snorkelling, then you must not miss this wonderful activity, which is all set to provide you with an everlasting experience. The major places around Bangalore where you can go snorkelling include Bannerghatta Nature Park and Bheemeshwari Nature Camp.

4. Canoeing And Kayaking

If you are looking for a relaxing weekend around Bangalore while going adventurous in its beautiful surroundings, then canoeing and kayaking are the perfect activities for you. Paddling through the waves of rivers as you pass through the beautiful expansion of nature characterised by lush vegetation will certainly lead you to the world of equanimity.

Wouldn't you love the feel of exploring nature on your canoe or kayak as you slowly move down the convincing stream? The prominent places around Bangalore which can provide you with best of canoeing and kayaking experiences include river Sharavathi, Dandeli White Waters, Bheemeshwari, Barapole, Kabini and Chikmagalur.

5. Paragliding

paragliding bangalore

Paragliding is one of the newly introduced adventurous activities in the state of Karnataka; hence, you will not find many places around Bangalore where you can avail this beautiful experience. However, if you are looking to enjoy it without going far away from Bangalore, then Nandi Hills, located at a distance of about 60 km, is the perfect spot where you can savour the grandeur of flying.

So, how about being a paraglider this weekend and witnessing the beautiful surroundings of Bangalore from a different perspective? Apart from Nandi Hills, you can also visit the hills of Coorg for paragliding experiences.

6. Caving

How about taking up a cave expedition this season? On account of the presence of several beautiful caves around Bangalore, caving has become one of the most loved adventurous activities over a period of time. The major places where you can avail this wonderful experience include Anthargange Caves and Belum Caves. Wouldn't you want to explore the dark corners of Karnataka and other states through their deepest caves?

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