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Top 10 Must visit places for a TRAVELGASM

Written By: Brunda Nagaraj

TRAVELGASM? Voila, What's that now? Yes, I guess travellers would relate themselves to this particular word the moment it is uttered. Lot of things in this world bring happiness and pleasure to a lot of us. But, for a traveller it is always the look out for different places that increases the excitement and lust for life.

We bring you a Top 10 Must visit places for a TRAVELGASM; I am sure that these places will surely make you go high without a glass of wine 

Brindavan Gardens

Brindavan gardens at night - PC : Abgpt

Brindavan Gardens - Mysuru

In the beautiful city of Mysuru is the amazing Brindavan gardens. With the lovely view of the palace and the waters dancing to the tune of the musical fountains and the garden on either sides, this place is a must visit for every traveller to feel the immense beauty.

Mullayanagiri peak - Chikamagaluru

Mullayanagiri Peak in Chikmagalur - PC : Sujaykulkarnisujay

Mullayanagiri peak - Chikamagaluru

Amidst the thick clouds, it feels like an angel from heaven is planting a kiss on your forehead. As you climb this tallest peak in Chikmagalur, and get blown away by the serene view, be rest assured to have an adrenaline rush.

Edakkal caves - Wayanad

View of Edakkal caves - PC: Sreejithk2000

Edakkal caves - Wayanad

Surrounded completely by different shades of green and brown, this place is a second heaven and is a visual treat to everyone who visits. Climbing to reach the top to understand the history is an adventure by itself. The heart lake and the Chembra peak is a cherry on the cake at Wayanad. A beautiful belt that has to be felt atleast once and a must visit to everyone.

Sirimane falls - Sringeri

Sirimane Falls - PC : Brunda Nagaraj

Sirimane falls - Sringeri

As you drive through this virgin beauty, the roads on either sides covered with lush green forests; do not be surprised if you lose your heart at this serene place. An abode of mother nature that will leave an impression on your soul and certainly will give you goosebumps as you drive through the hairpin curves.

Kodippadi Janardhana temple - Puttur

Kodippadi Janardhana temple - Puttur

This temple will certainly ignite the curiosity in you for sure; the 1500 year old temple that stands proudly inside a deep forest in Puttur is certainly a must visit to everyone. The serenity and the greenery around the place will definitely capture you and I bet you would not want to leave this place.

St.Mary's island - Udupi

St. Mary's island - PC : Brunda Nagaraj

St. Mary's island - Udupi

Yet another place that makes you feel proud of being a traveller is the St. Mary's island in Udupi. With the melody of the waves and the sound of the cold breeze, spend sometime with this spectacular beauty to catch the glimpse of the sun playing with clouds leaving the sky painted with different shades of red and oranges in the evening.

Kundadri hills - Shimoga

Kundadri - Shimoga

Are you in for some amazing drive and a breath taking view of the sunrise? You got to be at Kundadri hills in Shimoga, a climb of fifteen minutes takes you to the top of the hill. A Jain basdi and the cold chill running down the spine; a hot cup of coffee and some biscuits will certainly make it all the more fascinating.

Mudumalai forest - Tamil Nadu

Elephants in Mudumalai forest - PC : Azad

Mudumalai forest - Tamil Nadu

In for some real adventure and are you an animal lover? With heaps of elephants dung on the road and the eerie silence at times when the gush of sudden wind stops all at once will certainly make you scream with excitement as it leaves a sensational curiosity behind to explore the place all the more.

Shivgange Tumkur

Temple at Shivgange - PC : Brunda Nagaraj

Shivgange - Tumkur

If you want a travelgasm, then you need to choose to climb the steep hills of the majestic Shivgange. Located in Tumkur, this hill is a blend of divinity and adventure. As you climb upwards and just take a peek; don't be surprised if you skip a heart beat.

Pamban Bridge - Rameshwaram

Pamban Bridge - PC : Brunda Nagaraj

Pamban Bridge - Rameshwaram

A stretch that you will never forget all you lifetime is the Pamban bridge at Rameshwaram, a city known for its amazing temple is also blessed with a beauty that every traveller falls for. With the turquoise blue water on either sides and a train passing by definitely ignites the lust for travel all the more. A photographers paradise and a bliss to heart.

Wow! Such an amazing list to explore; what are you still waiting for? Hit the roads and get a TRAVELGASM!

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