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Tibet House Museum in Delhi

By Siji Ram

The Tibet Museum in Delhi is one of the unique museums in India that helps you know the past of Tibetan culture, as well as a peek into the possible future of the community. Let us get to know more about this amazing museum in Delhi.

The Tibet House Museum was established in 1965 and is a great place to learn about Tibet, their culture, lifestyle, history and teachings. The museum holds a collection of rare artefacts of which some were brought here by His Holiness Dalai Lama from Tibet, when he left Tibet during the Chinese Force Aggression. Some of the items brought by him were gifted to him by some Tibetan refugees.

tibet house museum

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Some of the most valuable artefacts preserved in the museum include the 'Thankas' or the painted scrolls that portray the life story of Buddha. These are dated back to the 15th century. Other Buddha figurines, old currency notes, antique jewellery, musical instruments, prayer objects and costumes are also preserved in the museum.

There are many statues in the museum made in sandalwood, stone, copper and gilded bronze, that depict the heritage of Tibet. A library in the museum has a collection of around 500 books and other documents that talk about the history, culture and heritage of Tibet.

The Resource Centre at the museum help with resources and incentives for projects related to Tibetan studies. The structure also has a Conference room where meetings, workshops and other events are held. Exhibitions, film shows, conferences and festivals related to the Tibetan culture keep happening here from time to time. A biannual is being published by the museum named 'Tibet House Bulletin' which is distributed to various places across the world.

tibet house museum

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The Tibet House Museum is a place where you can explore about Tibet and learn more about their philosophies, teachings and their contributions to the world. The museum is easily accessible from all major cities in India.

How to Reach the Tibet House Museum

You can take buses from the city centre to the Lodhi Road Institutional Area, where the museum is located. Here's how to reach Delhi.

Other Tourist Attractions in Delhi

Delhi has a number of other attractions worth exploring. Some of them are the Birla Mandir, Chausath Khamba, Cathedral Church of Redemption, Delhi Ridge, Coronation Park and Gandhi Smriti.

Travel to the capital city of India that is a blend of various cultures and beliefs, rich in its diverse tourist attractions too!

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